V-fun is an open air,
social photo-booth
with multiple options.
The person approaches,
takes a photo and
uploads it to his/her
email, preferred social
network or cell phone
number. This photo
is accompanied
by a digital frame
with promotion of
your event, venue
or brand. By sharing
the photo, all friends
automatically become
followers or fans of your
place, brand or event.

Our mission is to create
a Fun-Tastic experience for you and your guests


Green Screen

Our V-Fun Green Screen photo booth offers the kind of technology to take your guests anywhere in the world.
You may want an effect to make it look like the picture was taken in front of your hometown plaza, or at Luquillo beach. We have many different photo backgrounds to choose from, or you can also provide us with your images for your event.

Photo Roaming

V-Fun Roaming is not a booth photo “stand”. It is an interactive experience with a “Live” photographer that moves through all the activity. It also has the ability to send photos to screens and printers, instantly. This ensures that the photos captures the moment and photos are shared through the social networks of the guests along with personalized messages, labels and graphics that you choose. Photos are shown “Live” in a Big Screen Slide Show for the amusement of all your guests.

Photo Wall

Now V-Fun now has a choice of viewing, animating and sharing the fun for your guests.Combined with Digital Signage technology, V-Fun is able to create a “Collage” Mosaic or “Slide Show” of the photos your guests take.These photos are displayed on a giant screen strategically located in your place or event.It is a great way to encourage guests to upload photos at your event to see them having fun and increase your exposure.

Sleek Design

Our V-Fun Photo booths are constructed with a high quality, metal and powder coating painted and designed to be attractive and durable. All with the same compatibility and with the same integration to social networks. We can even customize V-Fun with your ideas.